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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Download Opera 12.15





Download Opera 12.15



Download the fast and free alternative web browser.Opera 12.15

This its advantages:

Browse faster

Opera is a high-speed browser for computers. Pages and tabs load faster, even on slow internet connections.

Get peace of mind

Opera checks risky sites, alerting you to potential threats. Opera privacy settings also let you surf the web without being tracked.

Organize your favorites

Put all your top websites right on your home page with Speed Dial in Opera. Add new favorites with one click.

Make it your own

With hundreds of options, Opera extensions add useful services to the browser that give you more to discover on the web. Or choose from a variety of colorful themes to personalize the browser window.

Take it with you

Store your bookmarks, Speed Dial sites and passwords using Opera Link, and you'll have instant access to all your favorite stuff on the go - wherever you may go.

Create shortcuts

Customize your browsing experience in Opera, from keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures to preferred ways of searching.



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